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Code and name of test:

4869 – the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of antibodies against Mycoplasma synoviae (MS)

Mycoplasma synoviae causes acute or chronic mycoplasmosis of chickens and turkeys characterized by the inflammation of the synovial membranes, exudate in the joints and tendon sheaths. Synovial infections often appear as subclinical infections of the upper respiratory system. Most often the disease occurs in broilers (aged 4 to 12 weeks) and turkeys, but cases have also been encountered in adult birds and chickens under 6 days. It is a disease with universal distribution and most often occurs in winter.

The disease is included in the OIE list of diseases for which international trade imposes mandatory checks.

The prevention of avian mycoplasmosis is achieved by general and specific measures, the main objective being to obtain flocks that are free from Mycoplasma. General prevention relies on applying a set of measures such as: compliance with the rules of technology, hygiene and nutrition; the elimination of infectious diseases that may favour the emergence and evolution of the mycoplasmosis; the purchase of the poultry material (eggs, chickens, replacement youth) from free farms; the clinical and morpho-pathological supervision of poultry flocks; the serological monitoring of flocks for breeding (grandparents and parents), followed by the removal of the serologically positive birds and the adequate treatment of serologically negative birds.

The serological exam seeks to detect the specific antibodies of M. synoviae by using ELISA immunoenzymatic techniques that meet the requirements of specificity and sensitivity.


  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the status of the M. synoviae infection
  • A tool in preventing the spread of M. synoviae within and between consignments of birds
  • Monitoring the safety of the obtained biological products on birds


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gallinaceous bird blood serum

Response time:

2 business days


quantitative determination of the antibodies against Mycoplasma synoviae from gallinaceous bird sera by way of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent ELISA assay, the indirect version

Reference values: