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4860 Establishing Haemoglobin

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4860 Establishing Haemoglobin

The haemoglobin is a substance that ensures the oxygen transportation function of the erythrocyte. From a chemical perspective, it is a chromoprotein, a coloured, complex protein substance formed of a protein part – globin, and a non-protein part – the haem. The haemoglobin binds the oxygen almost completely within the pulmonary circulation and releases it in an environment with a lower oxygen concentration (especially if the pH is also low).


  • The oxygen transport is based on the haemoglobin capacity to bind the oxygen in an environment with a high concentration (turning into oxyhaemoglobin) and to release it an environment with a low concentration (turning once more into reduced haemoglobin – Hb).
  • - The transportation and discharge of carbon dioxide


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blood samples

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1 business day, depending on the number of samples


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