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4835 Urine protein

Code and name of test:

4835 Urine protein

The protein testing area on the strip contains a buffer mixture and an indicator that changes colour in the presence of proteinuria from yellow to green, even when the pH remains constant. The test shows a particular sensitivity to albumin secreted in some kidney disorders; the sensitivity sis much lower than in the case of the other types of proteins.


The presence of this protein in urine is the most important indicator of a renal disease. The repeated detection of proteins in urine requires the quantitative determination of the proteins in the urine for 24 hours.


  • Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Manual Prof. doc. honoris causa Sabin Ghergariu, PhD, Prof. Alexandru Pop, PhD, Head of Works Chemist Laszlo Kadar, Prof. Marina Spinu, PhD


urine sample

Response time:

1 business day, depending on the number of samples


quality test