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4833 Ketone bodies

Code and name of test:

4833 Ketone bodies

Detection relies on the principle of the Legal test: the acetoacetic acid and acetone react with the sodium nitroprusside and glycine, forming a purple coloured compound.


Ketone bodies appear in the urine in conditions associated with the alteration of the carbohydrate metabolism, when increased amounts of fat are metabolized, when the carbohydrate intake is restricted or on high-fat diets, in states of acidosis associated with conditions that stimulate hepatic ketogenesis: starvation, anorexia, a diet that is high in fat, protein and low in carbohydrates, diabetes


  • Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Manual Prof. doc. honoris causa Sabin Ghergariu, PhD, Prof. Alexandru Pop, PhD, Head of Works Chemist Laszlo Kadar, Prof. Marina Spinu, PhD


urine sample

Response time:

business day, depending on the number of samples


quality test