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4799 – the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of antibodies against the avian infectious bursal disease (IBD) virus

Avian infectious bursitis (Gumboro disease – GD) is an acute contagious virosis of chickens characterized by diarrhoea, tremors, incoordination, inflammation followed by the atrophy of the bursa of Fabricius and varying degrees of immunosuppression. The disease is not transmitted vertically and there are no data certifying the status of carrier. The virus spreads rapidly from sick birds.

The disease is included in the OIE list of diseases for which international trade imposes mandatory checks.

The treatment has no value. However, correct management and appropriate temperatures can reduce the severity of the disease. The vaccination of the parents for giving immunity to the progeny is the most effective method of preventing the disease in small chicks. The inactivated oily vaccines are effective in inducing high levels of antibodies, applied after vaccinations with live vaccines prior to the start of laying.

The youth can be vaccinated against GD. When the level of maternal antibodies decreases, the use of hot vaccines in non-immunized chickens may cause the atrophy of the bursa. Vaccination with moderate strains may be ineffective in the presence of high levels of maternal antibodies. Therefore, inter alia, one has to know the passive immunity and proper scheduling of the vaccination for ensuring the success of the vaccination.

The serological exam seeks to detect the specific antibodies of the avian infectious bursal disease virus by using ELISA immunoenzymatic techniques that meet the requirements of specificity and sensitivity.


  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the status of the infection with the avian infectious bursal disease virus
  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the results of the specific vaccinations
  • A tool in preventing the spread of GD within and between consignments of birds
  • Monitoring the safety of the obtained biological products on birds


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bird blood serum

Response time:

2 business days


quantitative determination of the antibodies against the avian infectious bursal disease virus from gallinaceous bird sera by way of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent ELISA assay, the indirect version

Reference values: