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4774 Albumin

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4774 Albumin

Albumin is a non-glycosylated protein synthesized by the liver parenchyma cells. It is the most important protein component of plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and urine.


  • A tool in assessing the nutritional status, renal disorders associated with proteinuria, and hepatic cirrhosis


  • Haematology for Healthcare High Schools Dr. Traian Hossu, Dr. Margareta Parascan, Editura Didactica si Pedagogica Bucharest 1974
  • Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Manual Prof. doc. honoris causa Sabin Ghergariu, PhD, Prof. Alexandru Pop, PhD, Head of Works Chemist Laszlo Kadar, Prof. Marina Spinu, PhD


venous blood samples

Timp de raspuns:

1 business day, depending on the number of samples


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