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4766 – the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of antibodies against the avian reovirus (REO)

In birds, viral arthritis and tenosynovitis are the most important pathological manifestations of avian reovirus infections. A malabsorption syndrome has also been associated with these infections, which manifests itself mainly by diarrhoea and osteoporosis.

Alongside chicks and turkey poults, reoviruses have also been isolated from other avian species: duck, pigeon, goose, psitacine birds, without determining any specific character of strict host. The transmission of reovirus infections can occur both horizontally and vertically.

There is no treatment for reovirus infections. Vaccination is used both with live vaccine and with inactivated vaccine. Vaccination of the parents provides protection by maternal antibodies to the offspring, even upon hatching. Active immunization is achieved by vaccination with live vaccine administered subcutaneously.

The serological exam seeks to detect the specific antibodies of the avian reovirus using ELISA immunoenzymatic techniques that meet the requirements of specificity and sensitivity.


  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the status of the avian reovirus infection
  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the results of the specific vaccinations
  • A tool in preventing the spread of the avian reovirus within and between consignments of birds
  • Monitoring the safety of the obtained biological products on birds.


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gallinaceous bird blood serum

Response time:

2 business days


quantitative determination of the antibodies against the avian reovirus from gallinaceous bird sera by way of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent ELISA assay, the indirect version

Reference values: