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Code and name of test:

4713 – the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of antibodies against the egg drop syndrome (EDS) virus

The disease caused by the EDS virus was first described in 1976 and since then it has been considered a major cause of the decline in egg production worldwide. The disease is characterized by the production of very thin shell eggs or of shelled eggs by birds that are apparently healthy. The aetiological agent only affects birds and has no significance in human pathology.

There is no effective treatment for this disease. Different treatments with vitamins have been tested, the same as increased levels of calcium or protein in rations without noticing any beneficial effect. The classic form of the disease has been eradicated and the consignments of parents are carefully monitored to prevent its reintroduction. As regards the endemic form, it is difficult to control since it is often associated with the industrial-scale production of eggs.

As regards disease control, birds can be immunized by appropriate vaccination. Serologic testing should be performed after the birds have reached the laying peak.

The effectiveness of vaccination can be controlled serologically by ELISA (detection of antibodies). The higher the antibody titres of a vaccinated flock are, the higher the protection against the disease is.


  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the status of the egg drop syndrome virus infection
  • Monitoring the poultry flocks in terms of the results of the specific vaccinations
  • A tool in preventing the spread of EDS within and between consignments of birds
  • Monitoring the safety of the obtained biological products on birds


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gallinaceous bird blood serum

Response time:

2 business days


quantitative determination of the antibodies against the egg drop syndrome virus from gallinaceous bird sera by way of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent ELISA assay, the indirect version

Reference values: