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4681 Establishing the haematocrit

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4681 – Establishing the haematocrit

The haematocrit shows, in percentages, the quantity of erythrocytes in the analysed blood. It is established by centrifuging the blood rendered incoagulable and dividing the height of the erythrocyte count to the total blood count. The only anticoagulant used is the dry one (mixture of oxalates, heparin or EDTA), so that the quantity of plasma is not modified. It is established in venous blood and in capillary blood (microhematocrit). The centrifuging is performed with a certain number of rotations (3,000 rpm), for a certain period (30 min).


  • Establishing the percentage of the quantity of erythrocytes
  • Establishing the number of leukocytes
  • Data on the plasma aspect


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blood samples

Response time:

1 business day, depending on the number of samples


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