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  • Active substances: Sulfamethoxazol, trimethoprim
  • Treches for the treatment of the disorders produced by the microorganisms sensitive to the association of sulfametoxazol and trimethoprim
  • Target species: dogs, cats
  • Administration: oral
  • Packaging: 30 tablets/ bottle and 2, 10 blisters x 10 tablets



1 tablet includes:
Sulfamethoxazol………………………………….…… 125 mg
Trimethoprim…………………………………….…….. 25 mg
Excipients…………………….……….……… 1 tablet
Excipients:Talc, Magnesium stereate, Stearic acid, Micro-crystalline cellulosis, Monohydrate lactose, Colloid silica dioxide, Sodium glycolate starch.



Sulfametoxazolul acts bacteriostatically in the usual concentrations, but it may be bactericide in high concentrations. The antibacterial action of sulfametoxazol is diminished by matter and injured tissues. The trimetroprim has an antibacterial action with a similar spectrum to the one of sulfametoxazol. It is active towards the most of Gram-negative baccili, which are suspective to concentrations of 1 μg/ml or less. It usually acts bacteriostically, but in high concentrations it may be bactericide to certain germs. The trimethoprim used in combination with sulfametoxazol synergically inhibates the folic acid bio-synthesis at the level of bacterial enzymes, therefore the 2 bacterio-static chemo-therapeuticals become bactericid. Another advantage of trimethoprim consists in the fact that no toxic phenomena occur, even if it is administered for a long time.

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Dogs, cats.



The product SULFAMETHOPRIM – trochees is recommended for the dogs and cats for the treatment of disorders produced by microorganisms sensitive to the association of sulfametoxazol and trimethoprim, this way:

- respiratory infections: amigdalites, pharyngites, otites, bronchites and bronchi-pneumonias
– intestinal infections: infections with colibacili, salmonellas
– uro-genital infections: nephrites, pielo-nephrites, cystitis, uretrites
– infections of the skin and soft sides: piodhermites, staphylococcic abscesses
– infections with protozoa: coccidies, toxoplasmas, Pneumocystis carini
– bacterial complications of viral diseases
– post-surgical infections



SULFAMETHOPRIM – trochees are orally administered, as that, or are embedded in the food, after the mincing of the troche.
Dogs: it is administered 1 tablet / 5 kg body weight/ day (25 mg s.a. sulfametoxazol / 5 mg s.a.trimethoprim/kg g.c./ day), for 5-7 days.
Cats: it is administered 1 tablet / 5 kg body weight/ day (25 mg s.a. sulfametoxazol / 5 mg s.a.trimethoprim/kg g.c./ day), for 5 days.

It is recommended that the treatment continues for 2-3 days after the disappearance of symptoms. For the ensurance of a correct dosing, it must be established the body weight of the animals, any time possible, to avoid the under-dosing. If the animals don’t show an improvement of the health state, the veterinary will be consulted, for the re-evaluation of the diagnosis.



It is not administered for the animals with serious renal and hepatic disorders, sanguine discrasies. It is not

administered for the animals known as allergic to sulfonamides and trimethoprim. The use of the product must be based upon the test of sensitivity of insulated bacteria from the animals.
Rarely, after the administration of the product, there may occur gastro-intestinal disorders (anorexia, belch, diarrhea). It is not administered for the pregnant females during the first pregnancy quarter and a few weeks before the kiding and for the lactant females.
The product is incompatible with oral anti-coaggulants, phenitoin, oral anti-diabetics, metotrexate, phenilbutazon and naproxen. The manifestations of overdosing may include gastro-intestinal discomfort symptoms (nausea, belch, diarrhea), SNC disorders (depression, cephalalgia, confusion), facial edema, increments of the seric aminotransferases. Mainly, it will be issued the emptying of the stomach, as well as the commencement of symptomatic and support treatment.



Not applicable.



To be maintained at a lower temperature than 25°C, in the original package. To be protected against light and humidity.



Bottles including 30 tablets.
Boxes with 2 blisters or 10 blisters  of 10 tablets each.



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