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The SANI-TEST kit is used for the detection of presence of the proteins on the work areas, controlling their cleaning.



The SANI-TEST kit uses the reactions of biuret to detect the presence of proteins on the work areas. To be considered hygienic, the areas must not contain bacteria, fungi or food waste, rich in proteins. Because the proteins are invisible, it is very important that the cleaning of work areas to be checked, by using an appropriate test. The SANI-TEST kit detects very low protein levels.

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The SANI-TEST kit is based upon the biuret reaction. The proteins and peptides form with the ion Cu2+, in alkaline environment, a blue-violet complex. The work areas that must be analyzed is cleared with a sterile damper of test taking and put in contact with the reactives A and B. The copper ions of reactive B are decreased by proteins under alkaline conditions and form a blue-violet complex by the reactive A, establishing the change of its color. The intensity of formed color measures the quantity of proteins taken over on the damper. A dark violet color indicates a high concentration of protein, and therefore, a “dirty” area, while a light color (light green) indicates a very low concentration of protein, and therefore a “clean „area.



The SANI-TEST kit includes the following components, individually packed, in quantities appropriate to the necessary of work:


Item Component U/M Quantity for 5 samples Quantity for 10 samples Quantity for 25 samples
1. Reactive A fl. 5 10 25
2. Reactive B ml 0,75 1,5 3
3. Sample taking damper pieces 5 10 25
4. Instructions of use of the kit pieces 1 1 1


Each component of the kit is individually packed and individually labeled/ marked.



Samples taken from the work areas by the aid of sterile dampers.



Materials necessary in the endowment of laboratory:

Not applicable.

Issuance of the test

Agitate easily, for the homogenization, the reactives before starting the issuance of the test:

- introduce the sample taking damper for moistening, in a phial that includes the reactive A and then remove it;

- add 1 – 2 drops of reactive B over the pipe with reactive A and homogenize, agitating it easily;

- clear the analysis area with the previously wet damper, so that to cover an area of 10 cm x 10 cm;

- introduce the damper with sample in the pipe that includes the mix of reactives A and B;

- mix for several times and let the damper in the pipe for the incubation;

- incubate at the room temperature for 10 minutes;

- read and interpret the results, using the color diagram included in the kit.

Only the readings issued within 10 – 20 minutes from the commencement of reaction may be interpreted by the color diagram included in the SANI-TEST kit.



It is recommended to prepare a witness of reactives by adding 1 – 2 drops of reactive B in a pipe including the reactive A. After 10 reaction minutes, the witness of reactives must be maintained its light-green color.



The interpretation of results is issued by using the color diagram included in the SANI-TEST kit.



All the components used in the SANI-TEST test must be maintained at the room temperature (20 – 25°C), protected against light. Once started, the work must be continued without interruptions. The SANI-TEST kit is only used for analyses in vitro.

Don’t use the kit or its components after the expiration date, specified on the box. Don’t mix the reactives resulted from the different series of product. The sensitivity and specificity of this test are only warranted if the work method specified in the instructions of use is strictly observed. Don’t touch the sampling areas of the sample taking dampers or the inside of pipes with the fingers to avoid the procurement of falsely positive results. Carefully handle the reactives.



The SANI-TEST kit is maintained at the room temperature (20 – 25°C), at a dry place, protected against light, in the original package.


Exposure mode

Kit including the reagents necessary for the test of 5 samples.


Manufacturer: S.C. PASTEUR FILIPESTI – manufacturing place 333 GIULESTI WAY, district 6, Bucharest

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