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  • Target species: bovine, ovine
  • Administration: hypodermal
  • Packaging: 50 ml with 50 doses



Active substance /1 ml vaccine:

Inactivated culture and anatoxine of Cl. chauvoei

symbol 167………………………………… minimum 5 DLM/ml


Aluminum hydroxide…………………0,2 ml (2,8 – 3,4 mg Al2O3)


Formaldechide (inactivation agent) ……………………….4,8 mg

Thiomersal (preservative) ………………………………0,066 mg



Bovine, starting from 4 months old. Ovine, starting from 3 months old.

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Emfivac is indicated for the prevention of emphysematous carbon. It is used for the bovine, starting from the age of 4 months and for the ovine, starting from the age of 3 months.

Maintaining immunity in vaccinated animals , is by annual revaccination. Immunity starts 14 days after the second vaccination. The duration of immunity is 1 year.



In bovine, the vaccine is administered by deeply injection (s.c.), on the neck side, in a dose of 3 ml, with rappel after 28 days. In ovine, the vaccine is administered by deeply injection (s.c.), on the back side of the elbow, in a dose of 2 ml, with rappel after 28 days.


CONTRAINDICATIONS, cautions and adverse reactions

The following animals are not inoculated: the sick animals; the recently emasculated or un-horned, before the healing of post-surgical wounds; the recently clipped sheep; the females during the last 2 pregnancy months and during the first 2 weeks after lambing.  The inoculation is not issued simultaneously with the inoculation for other diseases. There are reported very usual adverse reactions (at more than 1 animal of 10), which consist in: the body temperature increase, by up to 0.4°C, on the inoculation day and on the following day; intumescenses (2 – 3 cm) at the inoculation place, which are remitted within 2-3 days; nodules in the inoculation place, at about one third of animals, which involuated within 6 weeks, usually without complications. Such reactions are very usual for the vaccines that include aluminum hydroxide. Although there have not been noticed after the inoculation with Emfivac, there are possible anaphylactic reactions, which may occur after the intake of biological products, like this vaccine. Consequently, it is recommended the surveillance of animals at 1 – 2 hours after the inoculation and, if necessary, it is administered an anti-hystaminic. On the intake of 2 vaccine doses, no abnormal reactions were registered, others than those previously mentioned. If you notice serious reactions or other effects that are not mentioned in this prospect, please inform the veterinary.

Before the inoculation, the vaccine must be brought to the room temperature and homogenized by agitation. The intake of vaccine is made with sterile syringes and needles. After the unsealing of the phial, the vaccine must be used within 6 hours. It will not be preserved for a further use. The safety and efficacy of this vaccine, administered together with any other one (in the same day or in different days) were not proven. Therefore, Emfivac must not be mixed with any other immunologic product. In any population of animals, there may be individuals that do not answer well to immunization. The success of inoculation depends on the correct maintenance and intake of vaccine and on the answer capacity of the animal. The efficiency of the vaccine may be influenced by the genetic constitution, age, infections and inter-current treatments, the presence of maternal antibodies, nourishment, hygiene and stress.

The laboratory studies did not stress the teratogenic effects, fetotoxic or maternotoxic, after the inoculation of sheep on the third pregnancy months and of the cows on the 7th pregnancy month. In default of full specific data, it is not recommended the inoculation of females within the last 2 pregnancy months and within the first 2 weeks after lambing. A minor (below 4,8%) and temporary (2 – 3 days) decrease of the milk product, as cumulated effect of the vaccine and of the inoculation maneuvers, was noticed on the test of vaccine under land conditions, In ovine.

Like in the case of other vaccines that include aldoform, the Emfivac can produce the irritation and sensitivity of the skin, eyes and mucouses of respiratory system, therefore the handling of vaccine must be carefully made, avoiding its direct contact to the skin, eyes and mucouses.

In case of accidental self-injection, it is let to bleed and is washed with water. If a local reaction occurs, it is required the physician’s intervention, showing the prospect or label of the product. The persons with a known hyper-sensitivity to the product compounds must avoid the contact with it. Do not use the vaccine if you notice fissures or drains of the phial.



0 days.



To be kept and transported under refrigeration conditions (2 – 8°C). To be protected against frost. To be protected against light.



The glass/ plastic phials, closed with a rubber stopper and aluminum cup, with the capacity of 50 ml with 50 doses.



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