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  • Target species: hens
  • Administration: transcutaneous
  • Packaging: 100 doses



Active ingredients for one vaccine dose:

Attenuated alive virus avian variola stem – DVA-col stem (102.5 EID50 min. – 103.5 EID50 max)

Other ingredients:

Stabilizer PDZ(ST3) ……………….34% volume

Excipients: peptone , Dextran 70 , Glycine , water for injections. Solvent: disodium phosphate , monosodium phosphate , sodium chloride , glycerol .




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For active immunization of chickens against avian variola . Immunity starts gradually and is complete in 14-21 days and lasts all economic life of the bird .



The DI-COL vaccine is individually applied by the stick method (transcutaneous, by holing the wing skin in the humero-radio-cubital angle, after the previous plucking of the area) by a special vaccinator. The vaccine is reconstituted by the introduction of the solven in the phial with lyophilized vaccine, according to the number of doses on the phial. The vaccine dose is 0,01 ml.


CONTRAINDICATIONS, cautions and adverse reactions

The inoculation with Di-Col will not be made in poultry with infectious and parasitic diseases or with nutritional and metabolic deficiencies. The hens will not be treated with antibiotics 7 days before and 14 days after the inoculation. It is not recommended the immunization of poultry with Di-Gal at a shorter range of 10 – 14 days after the inoculation with Di-Col.

The DI-COL vaccine does not produce adverse reactions. After the anti-variolic inoculation, local reactions occur after 7 – 10 days, which are specific to inoculation as variolic nodules, limited or confluent, with a variable size, depending on the receptivity and age of the inoculated poultry. If the injuries occur in other areas of the body at the inoculated poultry, the veterinary must be announced.

The inoculation diagram is established by the veterinary who knows the epidemiological situation of the groups and of the area where they are grown. The inoculation devices will be both checked before the inoculation and during the inoculation, to inoculate the correct dose of 0,01 ml/poultry. The reconstituted vaccine will be used within maximum 2 hours and will be protected against light and heat. The checking of the vaccine efficiency is made by the control of local reactions (checking of the presence of specific variolic nodules at the inoculation place) at 7 – 10 days after the inoculation, on minimum 10% of the inoculated poultry. If after the inoculation, it is noticed the lack of specific nodules at the inoculation place at more than 25% of the group, it is recommended the re-inoculation in the other wing of the group of poultry.

The local reactions after the inoculation may be absent in the following circumstances: if the inoculated poultry passed through the disease; if the inoculation technique was incorrectly used (under-dosing); if the vaccine was preserved under inappropriate conditions (attention to the temperature or sunlight exposure).

The poultry will not be inoculated during the blowing period. Not to be mixed with other vaccines or medicines. There is not enough information regarding the safety and efficacy of this product, simultaneously administered with other immunological products. It is not recommended the administration of vaccines 10 – 14 days before and after the inoculation with DI-COL. There have not been registered clinical symptoms or other signs at a higher dose than the recommended dose. A good immune answer is the result of a powerful antigenic component and of a competent immune system of the body. The vaccine is only administered at the clinically healthy poultry. It is recommended that the poultry in a hall/ warehouse to be inoculated at the same day. The immunogenicity of the vaccine may be decreased by an inappropriate handling and storage of the vaccine or a wrong administration. The optimum inoculation time is established depending on the epidemiological situation of the groups of poultry and of the area where they are grown and is established by the veterinary, who ensures the surveillance of the groups of poultry.

The general conduct norms regarding the handling of veterinary biological products will be observed. In the case of accidental inoculation of this product at human, immediately require the physician’s advice and show him the product prospect. The operating staff with a known sensitivity to one of the vaccine compounds must avoid the contact to it.



To be kept and transported under the temperature conditions 2 – 8°C. It is protected against the direct sunlight. Do not freeze.



Glass phials of 100 doses.