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Production facilities


The Pasteur Institute is the first manufacturer of veterinary immunological products in Romania.

The production facility is GMP certified, thus complying with international standards of good practice.

The portfolio of over 150 products includes vaccines, diagnosis kits and reagents.


The veterinary medicine factory of Pasteur, Filipesti Branch, is the most up-to-date veterinary medicine factory in Romania.

The plant went through a modernization and upgrading programme in 2011-2013. The investment made exceeded EUR 14M and came from both own resources and co-financing by means of a European programme.


The production lines and storage areas for pharmaceutical products comply with the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and comply with all the legislative requirements adopted in the European Union. They are air conditioned, and have the appropriate class of cleanliness for each pharmaceutical form.


The 7 divisions produce:

  • Solutions and suspensions for drinking
  • Tablets for oral administration, and pessaries
  • Medicated powders and premixes
  • Injection products
  • Sterile and non-sterile ointments
  • Rodenticides, insecticides
  • Detergents, disinfectants.


The plant has a portfolio of over 450 products from the most important therapeutic areas and with countless forms of presentation.