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Research Projects


"A human doctor saves the individual, a veterinarian saves mankind"

- Louis Pasteur

Research projects in domestic/European programmes

Programme/Project Period:
Ctr. 110/2012 PCCA type 2 code PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.2-0274 Area 5, Development of a prevention strategy based on the use of Artemisia annua in coccidiosis in broilers (ARTCOC) 2013-2016
FP7-KBBE-2007-1: Discontools, A European technology platform for global animal health, Development of the most effective tools to control infectious diseases in animals.  Project Manager Morgane Delavergne,; Declan O’ Brien, Managing Director, IFAH-Europe, 2008–2013
Contract 52-177 PNCDI II/P4 Epidemiological, diagnosis, pathogenetic and immunological investigations in neosporosis in cattle and dog in north-western, central and southern Romania 2008-2011
Contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania (MAPDR) – Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (ASAS): P.S. 4.3.1. Modern methods for the control of parasitic diseases of animals with implications in human pathology 361/2006 2006-2010
Contract with the Romanian Academy 100/2005: the role of yafD and xthA in colonization/vertical transmission and the assessment of the prevalence of these genes in the strains of Salmonella gallinarum-pullorum and S. enteritidis of avian origin 2005-2006
Contract with CEEX M4-C2-2902 Renar 640/2006, “Development and improvement of an integrated system of assessment of the content of mycotoxins in the plant – animal – foodstuffs of animal origin food chain according to EU rules and laws” 2006-2007
Contract with CEEX 16/2005, Prevention, control and management of the selenium deficiency in the plant – animal – man food chain 2005-2008
Subcontract 5725-28/2005, Excellence Research, Viasan (beneficiary: I. Cantacuzino), Integrated pathogenomic network (platform) and transfer of the outcome of the research in the biomedical field (microbiology of infectious diseases) 2005-2008
Subcontract 3-9/2005, CEEX Biotech University of Bucharest, Fac. of Biology, the centre for research, training and consultancy in microbiology, genetics and biotechnology, Biotechnological and molecular research on obtaining probiotic preparations for veterinary use 2005-2008
Contract 04-2-PED-4636, PNCDI Biotech, Recombinant DNA molecules used in the prevention and diagnosis of the Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) 2004-2006
Contract with the Ministry of Education and Research (MEC) – CEEX 17/2005: Key elements in the strategy of control of swine respiratory virus diseases by identifying the etiopathogenic differences associated with circulating viral pathotypes in Romania 2005-2008
Contract with MEC 291/2004 Agral: Fusion proteins and recombinant DNA molecules that can be used to control avian salmonellosis 2004-2006