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Presentation of the research activity


"A human doctor saves the individual, a veterinarian saves mankind"

- Louis Pasteur


The research activity within the Pasteur Institute focuses on:

  • Studies of pathogenesis, general and molecular epidemiology to substantiate the development of new therapeutic and diagnosis products
  • The development of methods, reagents and kits for the diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases and the immune status and/or health of the animals
  • Studies on the immunoprophylactic products available in the portfolio of the Pasteur Institute in Romania or the development of new ones:
  • Obtaining and control technology;
  • Validation and confirmation studies on:
  • Stability
  •  Immunogenicity
  • The protective effect
  •  Safety
  •  Ecotoxicity
  • Studies on various medicinal and chemical & pharmaceutical products:
  • Validation and confirmation studies on:
  •  Stability
  • The therapeutic effect
  • The safety of medicinal and chemical & pharmaceutical products
  • Persistence/residue studies
  • The extension of the use to other animal species

The research activity of the Pasteur Institute is carried out by way of research projects with internal or external funding, provided by contracts with various internal and external users, or by way of national and international research programmes.

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