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Mission and Values


"A human doctor saves the individual, a veterinarian saves mankind"

- Louis Pasteur

Chemistry with reaction formula in toningThe mission of Pasteur Romania for over 100 years has been to contribute, alongside professionals in the field, to the immediate establishment of a correct diagnosis, followed by an appropriate treatment. We always offer users knowledge on the pathology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, interactions and incompatibilities between the products for their safe use for animals and humans with maximum efficiency and a minimum risk of environmental pollution at the lowest possible cost to the animal keepers.
Thus, the products of SN Pasteur Institute and Pasteur, Filipesti Branch, have earned a very good reputation and are widely used on the veterinary market in Romania.

Our values are:

  • The diversity of the portfolio: Pasteur Romania offers a range of over 600 products that caters to all therapeutic areas;
  • The quality of our products: the two production facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, which undeniably confirms that the products meet the highest manufacturing standards;
  • Honesty: we always strive to offer our partners products while ensuring the best value for money;
  • The team: Romania Pasteur is proud to have a team of professionals who are highly qualified in both research, diagnosis and medicinal production. Celebrities in veterinary medicine, academics, renowned pharmacists and chemical engineers have been working together for years to provide high-end products in the veterinary field.

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