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About Pasteur Romania


"A human doctor saves the individual, a veterinarian saves mankind"

- Louis Pasteur

_Poza Filipesti_V3Pasteur Romania brings together under the same umbrella the largest companies in Romania working in the veterinary field: SN Pasteur Institute, the first producer of veterinary immunological preparations in Romania and Pasteur, Filipesti Branch, the largest and most up-to-date veterinary medicine factory in Romania.

Through its work SN Pasteur Institute has made a major contribution to the eradication or limitation of the development of some extremely damaging diseases, such as bovine brucellosis, sheep pox, influenza and Newcastle disease, dourine, foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, as well as the organization and development of the veterinary diagnosis activity.

For the results of its activity and for its contribution to the development of Romanian veterinary medicine, SN Pasteur Institute has earned a well-deserved reputation and the respect of generations of veterinarians in our country.

SN Pasteur Institute is currently the only institute carrying on a nationally recognized scientific research activity as follows:

– The Ministry of Education and Research – the Authority for Scientific Research accredited SN Pasteur Institute in the National Research and Development System by decision 9666/02.06.2008;

– The Romanian Accreditation Association RENAR has granted the “Accreditation Certificate no. LI746 for the “Research & Development/Diagnosis and Quality Control” centre.

The Pasteur Filipesti Branch veterinary medicine factory follows the 120-year-old tradition of the Pasteur Institute and is also a landmark unit of Romanian veterinary medicine.

The two companies have a complex and diversified portfolio that includes over 600 products, and the most important therapeutic categories include vaccines, anti-parasitic products, antibiotics, vitamins, insecticides, rodenticides, anti-inflammatory products, as well as reagents and diagnosis kits.

Over the years both SN Pasteur Institute products and the products produced by Pasteur, Filipesti Branch, have proved their clinical and economic effectiveness and they are now present in any veterinary practice, veterinary pharmacy or farm in Romania.

The philosophy of the R&D team of the SN Pasteur Institute and the staff of Pasteur, Filipesti Branch, is to meet the needs of modern veterinary medicine, to innovate and use the latest scientific methods to support animal health.

The constant research and development of new effective products has strengthened the position of Pasteur Romania, through SN Pasteur Institute and Pasteur, Filipesti branch, as the clear leader of the veterinary market.